Your Commitment 

Things to Think About

Field Rescue Members must be able to commit the time necessary to learn these skills and to respond on a moments notice when lives are at risk. We ask that potential team members be honest in evaluating their motivation, priorities, and responsibilities and to discuss it with their family as well as their employer. Your Commitment is important.

All prospective team members should ask themselves these questions:

  • Is my job and family situation such that I will remain in the area for at least five years?

  • Am I passionate enough about this venture to sacrifice other hobbies in order to acquire and maintain the skills needed to be a Field Rescue Member?

  • Is my family fully supportive of my decision to respond to calls at all hours of the day or night, any day of the week?

  • Am I in good enough physical condition to carry a heavy pack to the summit of a 10,000 foot peak in a snowstorm?

  • What is my motivation for joining this team? Notoriety? To build a resume’? Or is it purely to help someone in need?

  • Will my employer occasionally allow me to miss some time from work to serve the community?

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