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We are heartbroken to announce that beloved team member, Timothy Staples died in the line of duty while searching for a lost hiker on Mt. Baldy, December 14, 2019.   Tim was a loved and dedicated volunteer of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department West Valley Search & Rescue team for nine years and a beloved high school teacher and coach at Damien High School in LaVerne, California. Tim is survived by his new bride Katie, his parents and sister, and friends too numerous to count.  We would like to thank the community, near and far for all of your support and outreach. Please continue to keep Tim’s family in your prayers. Thank you.

West Valley Search and Rescue

Our mission is to provide search and rescue to those persons in difficulty within the confines of San Bernardino County, to instruct in mountain safety education and to perform other duties as required by the Sheriff of San Bernardino County.

West Valley Search and Rescue Team Members

Are You Prepared?

Wilderness, by its very nature, has risks. The best way to prevent accidents and mishaps on any trip is to prepare before you head out. Check out some tips to remember when planning your trip as well as some things to keep in mind while on the trail.

The Ten Essential ‘systems’ and West Valley Search and Rescue’s 11th Essential

Pack the Ten Essentials (and our 11th Essential). This list of items could save a life in the event of an emergency and should be carried by all hikers. You may not use these items on every trip, but in the case of need, you’ll be glad you have them.


We’re a non-profit, all-volunteer search and rescue team that depends on you to continue serving and protecting the San Bernardino County area. Thanks to you we are able to respond to over 50 rescue missions a year. West Valley SAR responds to help those in need – at any time, in any weather, and for as long as it takes. Thank You.

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