...that others may live

Team Member Requirements

The West Valley SAR Team will provide all of the training a new recruit will need to become an effective team member. Recruits need only have a willingness to learn and a strong desire to help others in time of need.

  • As a volunteer organization with limited funding, all team members purchase their own personal gear. For Field Members, this gear may cost $3,000 to $4,000 over the course of the member's first two years.
  • All team members are expected to attend monthly business meetings. Field Members will have at least one full day training per month plus ten evening classroom trainings per year.
  • All team members pay monthly dues of approximately $20.
  • All team members are expected to assist with fundraising efforts, wilderness education programs, public relations events and other activities as needed.
  • For Field Members, backpacking and medical skills are a plus.