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Support Members

Support Members provide an essential role in command post operations for every mission. Some of the things you will be learning and doing include:

  • You will be learning how to be a command post radio operator; Relaying communications from the Command Post to the teams in the field and the Sheriff’s Department helicopters while keeping a log of all radio traffic.
  • You will be learning how to read and understand a topographical map and plot coordinates of teams in the field, as well as all clues and evidence found.
  • You will be driving the Sheriff’s 4 wheel drive vehicles to bring teams into and out of the field.
  • You may be assigned as a trail block at a trailhead so we don’t miss a lost person walking out on their own and driving away unnoticed.
  • You will learn how to set up the portable radio repeater. You may be asked to drive to certain strategic locations to act as a radio relay to facilitate communications between the Command Post and teams in the mountains.
  • You will learn and become familiar with what is needed to assist with the Initial Action Plan(IAP).
  • You may be assigned to be a staging manager to keep track of resources and personnel as they arrive on scene.

After completion of your initial training you will be fully integrated and a vital part of our search and rescue team, Support members will participate on special committees: such as P.R, Fund Raising, or our Hug-a-Tree and Survive safety education program for kids.

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